Post Workshop

Congratulations for finishing organizing a ScalaBridge workshop! Thank you for your hard work!

What to do next?

  1. Send out a “thank you” email to those who attended. Here is an example email.

    Email should include:

    • Thanks to the mentors and students
    • Resources to learn more about Scala
    • (Optional) Post-workshop survey (to learn about how to improve).

Here are a few things you can do to help grow our community:

  1. Chat Platform

    One of the goals of ScalaBridge is to increase diversity in the Scala community. It is a good idea to create a platform that allows people to ask questions and to keep in touch. Gitter is one of the good options. Please visit the ScalaBridge Slack for an example - if you do not have access, ping the @ScalaBridge Twitter for an invite.

  2. Collaborate with Scala meetups

    Organize events with local Scala meetups to bring ScalaBridge attendees into the community by inviting them to local meetups. Many Scala beginners are intimidated to attend meetups because the talks might be too advanced or they do not feel eligible to call themselves “Scala users”. Although the workshop ended, the mission continues. It is our goal to make everyone, beginners and non-beginners, feel included.

    Some of the co-events ideas:

    • Beginner-friendly talks at meetups
    • Scala Mentors/ Mentees Program
    • Scala Buddies: pair people, who are interested in learning Scala, up

Visit Frequently Asked Questions:

Thank YOU for your hard work! And for contributing to our community!