Invite Mentors for the Workshop

Optimal start time of this step: 3 months before the workshop

Mentors are the most important part of the workshop. It can be a little challenging if you’re relatively new to the community and new to organizing ScalaBridge events. But don’t worry. This page will make it easier for you, hopefully! :)

General Process

There are two parts of inviting mentors.

  1. The first round is that before you pick a date for the event, you should personally reach out to a few people who are interested in helping out with the event by being a mentor.

  2. The second round is after you’ve picked an event date. You can promote the event while attracting more mentors.

The optimal student:mentor ratio is 5:1.

Who should you invite?

How do you personally reach out to mentors?

For people who already know many other Scala developers, feel free to directly reach out to them.

For people who are relatively new to the community and who are new to organizing bridge events, here are a list of mentors, who are interested in mentoring. Feel free to invite them as mentors for your workshop.

How do you get more mentors to sign up?

There are a few ways to promote your event:

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Interested Mentors

If you’re interested in being a mentor for the future ScalaBridge events in your city, please add your name to this list by making a PR on this file on Github, or if you’re not sure how to do that, by asking us to do so in a new Github issue. Note: You do NOT have to have mentorship experience to be a mentor.

City Name Contact Info (Email or Twitter handle if DM open) Mentored in ScalaBridge Before?
Amsterdam Mike Kotsur @sotomajor_ua No
Boston Christopher Davenport ChristopherDavenport at outlook dot com Yes
Boston Ryan Plessner @ryan_plessner Yes
Boston Justin du Coeur, AKA Mark Waks @jducoeur Yes
Bucharest Alexandru Nedelcu @alexelcu No
Chicago Andy Hamilton Yes
Cologne Sven Ludwig sven dot ludwig at recogizer dot com No (open for travel to cities)
Krakow Piotr Gawryś @p_gawrys No
London Noel Welsh @noelwelsh Yes
Düsseldorf Luka Jacobowitz luka dot jacobowitz at gmail dot com No
Munich Lars Hupel lars at typelevel dot org No
New York City Stewart Stewart Yes
Bay Area Yifan Xing @yifan_xing_e Yes
Bay Area Adelbert Chang @adelbertchang Yes
Bay Area Seth Tisue seth dot tisue at lightbend dot com Yes
Bay Area Cody Allen ceedubs at gmail dot com Yes
Seattle Andy Scott @andygscott Yes
Rotterdam Yevgen Nerush @nerush No

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