Find An Event Date for the Workshop

Optimal start time of this step: 3 months before the workshop

The first step of organizing a ScalaBridge workshop is to find an optimal date for the workshop. If you are at this stage, then you’re at the beginning of planning a workshop. It is recommended to find a date that is at least 3 months away, so you have enough time to find sponsorship, find mentors, and promote the event.

Recommendations from experienced event/conference organizers are welcome!

How to find a date?

Standalone Workshop

If you’re organizing a standalone ScalaBridge workshop (not with a conference), it is better to propose a few dates on the weekends so that most people are available to attend.

From my past experience of organizing ScalaBridge workshops, I usually personally reach out to a few interested mentors first to find out their availability. I’ve used Doodle for collecting this information. The date for which the most mentors are available can be selected as the workshop date.

For example, if I am currently organizing a workshop in May, I will propose a few dates on the weekends in August or September for the mentors to choose.

Conference Workshop

If you’re organizing a workshop with a conference, usually the workshop is held the day before the conference.

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