Frequently Asked Questions

Who can attend the workshop? To read more about the target audiences, please visit here.

For students:

Do I need to pay money to attend a workshop?

No, ScalaBridge is a free workshop that teaches people who are underrepresented in tech to learn programming via Scala.

Do I need programming experience before attending?

Depends on the workshop. Most ScalaBridge workshops target people with no programming background.

Is ScalaBridge intended only for minority representatives? Can someone, who is not from a minority group, apply?

ScalaBridge is for underrepresented groups in tech. To read up on who can attend, visit Who Can Attend?.

For organizers and mentors:

Do I need event organizing experience to organize a workshop?

No, just follow the instructions in this repo. If you have any questions/ suggestions, please contact @scalabridge.

Organizing is a lot of work. Can I get help?

You don’t have to do this alone. Feel free to tweet or DM @scalabridge for an invite link to the ScalaBridge Slack

Do I need mentorship experience to be a mentor?

No, but you do need to know Scala well, ideally at least one or two years experience of using Scala.

What do I need to be a mentor?

More questions? Contact us at @scalabridge.